Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bindu space for artists presents Kathnamdu International Performance Art Festival 2016.
we are very happy to announce that we have participants from Nepal,Japan,Indonesia,Chaina,Bangladesh and India. 

Monday, March 25, 2013


                     Collaboration with Mithila Art

The contemporary world is emerging with new conscience that is developing with the newly found sense of individuality and search of freedom. In this process artists are employing multiple mediums and are traveling foreign countries and cultures to certify their visionary expressions. This pursuit has undoubtedly contributed in building up a collective understanding of the concept of universe and existence in general. However, today, local culture and nativity of various nations are also adding up in the world art dimensions giving the idea of art a broader magnitude. In this regard Bindu organized two weeks workshop at Janakpur, a Tarai region in Nepal2006. Janakpur is very popular in Nepal for its unique cultural and traditional artistic aspects. This workshop by Bindu attempted to bring in the attitude and patterns of folk art of Janakpur in the contemporary art. For that we invited two artists from Bangladesh, there were two artists from Nepal and five folk artists from Janakpur. The basic idea was to initiate creative interaction, share their mind frame and see what the output would be. The result was compelling and quite new in the contemporary art sector. The folk artists of Janakpur were equally excited. Later the artworks were exhibited at Siddhartha Art Gallery, Kathmandu.

Organized by- BINDU,a space for artists
Workshop concept – Mahbubr Rahman,Bangladesh.
Workshop dates -16-30 August 2006
Workshop Venue – JWDC,Janakpur,Nepal.
Photograph- Prithvi Shrestha, Lalitpur, Nepal. 
Exhibition Venue- Siddartha art Gallary,Kathmandu, Nepal and Kaya Gallary, Uttara, Bangladesh.

Concept by Artist Mahabubur Rahaman.

Mahbubr Rahman, Bangladesh.
Tayeba Begum Lipi, Bangladesh.
Sunil Sigdel, Pokhara,Nepal.
Jupiter Pradhan,Kathmandu,Nepal.

Artist from Janakpur, Nepal-
Manjula Devi,
Maithil Bahun, 
Sita devi Karna, 
Phulwa Devi Mandal
Sudhira Kumari,
Rebati  Mandal 


                          Exhibition at Siddartha Art Gallary.

Monday, March 18, 2013



Britto Student Residency Programme.

 Bindu a space for artist is established in 2006 to enhance aesthetical and philosophical visual culture in Nepal and connect the network with international artist. Bindu had already conducted several workshop and residensies successfully. In 2006 at Janakpur “collaborative with Mithila” was an art workshop and the outcome was exhibited in Nepal and Bangladesh. Second event was in 2008 a performance based art activity by the name of “little moment in town”. Third was in 2008 “collaborative workshop and research” .in 2011 forth workshop was “Moonson printmaking workshop” and the latest event is collaborative Bangladesh and Nepal student residency. This programme is to exchange the relation of two countries artists art activities and cultural experiences through interaction, research in arts. this is exchange programme of Britto of Bangladesh and Bindu,a space for artist, Nepal.
The Britto Student Residency started on 21st November and ends on 19 th December 2011 with the participant of Krishna Lama and Sundar Lama from Nepal, Meherun Akter Sumi and Shwarga Bhattacharjee from Bangladesh. During this residency, on 2nd of December they had presentation and discussion on their art work at the space of Bindu and outcome exhibition at Nepal Art Council Babarmahal, Kathmandu.

visit at World Heritage Site Swyambhu Nath
Meherun Akter Sumi

Sundar Lama.

Working Space 

Working Space 
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Shwarga Bhattacharjee

Krishna Lama.


Exhibition, Nepal Art Council.

" Artist Residency 2012"

Resident Artist: Ishan Pariyar and Sabita Dongol.

ishan pariyar

Ishan Pariyar is a promising  visual artist and illustrator.  He has done his BFA graduate from Fine Arts College in Kathmandu ,Nepal. Now he is pursuing his Masters degree in Fine Arts from Central department of fine Arts , Tribhuwan University. He was born in 1984 july 17thin Baglung Nepal. He has taken part in numerous group art exhibition and nationals workshops. He has done two solo art exhibition in Korea and Nepal. Recently he is involved in art residency project . In his recent work he has used different  motifs like bitter guard to show the socio-political context and the socio environmental context with showing  the inner intitutions through different images.


sabita dangol.
Sabita  Dangol is a promising  visual artist. She has completed her  BFA from Fine Arts College in Kathmandu ,Nepal. Now she is pursuing her Masters degree in Fine Arts from Central department of fine Arts, Tribhuwan University. She was born in 1984 august in Kathmandu Nepal. She has taken part in group art exhibitions and workshops. She has done a solo art exhibition in Kathmandu Nepal. Recent she is involved in art residency project in Bindu, a space for artists, Kathmandu. In her recent work she has used different motifs as self expressions. She has used her part of body as subject to depict her inner happenings pain, relief, sense of freedom and pleasure. She prefers to use local motifs and convert it into art. Use of utensil and house hold tools are used in her works to express daily house hold life.    

presentation of sabita

presentation of ishan

ishan pariyar with his work

sabita dongol with her work


“Monsoon” a printmaking Workshop 2011.

 Monsoon printmaking workshop is  happening workshop for printmaking. 

Concept by:        Saurganga Darshandhari
Co-ordinator:    Prithvi Shrestha.
Participants artist:     
·         Jay Shankar Son Shrestha
·         Prithvi Shrestha
·         Rajan Panta
·         Sanjeev Maharjan
·         Saroj Bajracharya
·         Saurganga Darshandhari
·         Sundar Lama
·         Sunita Maharjan
·         Sushma Shakya

Date:               7th – 9th July 2011.
Venue:            Kalopul, Kathmandu, Nepal.
Contact no:    +977-9841-379338,

"Printmaking workshop 2012"

workshop coordinate: Saurganga Darshandhari
photographer: Sunil Tamang.

collaborative printmaking workshop with National Academy of Fine Art and Bindu ,a space for artist.
this workshop is organized to established the printmaking studio at NAFA. 
there were fourty-four participant in three group.

An Indian ambassador his excellency mr. Jayant Prasad and Russian Ambassador inaugurating the Printmaking Studio

1st group with 14 participants

2nd group with 15 participants

3rd group of participants 

chancller at printmaking studio

Printmaking workshop to support Kathmandu International Art Festival 2012

participant artist:
Sashi Bikram Shah
Shankar Raj Suwal
Batsa Gopal Vaidya
Seema Shah
Prithvi Shrestha
Sanjeev Majharjan
Sushma Shakya
Sunita Maharjan
Saurganga Darshandhari